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SafeCity is a private operating company and a 100% subsidiary of Public Safety Innovation Ltd. We support organizations in innovating for more security.

If you have a question or comment, just get in touch. You can use expertise, as an advisor, consultant or specialist in entrepreneurship, innovation and safety, invite to: a good inspiring conversation / innovative twists on security issues / sharply different thinking on ingrained patterns / project management, advice and program management / a lecture that will be discussed / chairmanship of seminars / holding up the mirror / help with difficult decisions in organizations / necessary experience and expertise.

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Networking together

In 2010, Jan Otten director of Public Safety Innovation Ltd. won the Social Innovation Award with his invention SafeCity. A live streaming video app that people could use to report unsafe situations to acquaintances (family and friends), Crime Anonymous, municipality and police. The idea was so well received that a separate Inc. was founded for it in 2011, SafeCity Ltd. Unfortunately, the idea came too soon. At that time there was only 3G, smartphones were not yet widespread, and data limits were very expensive.

But as with any invention / innovation, new ideas pop up and SafeCity has increasingly become an organization that will connect the 3 O's (Education, Business and Government) around innovations. SafeCity is often a spider in the web that initiates cooperation and ensures that there is real cooperation around innovations.

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Do you feel like a good conversation, email us:

Registration Chamber Of Commerce in The Netherlands: 52820017
Bank account number: NL76ABNA0575085711

Twitter     LinkedIn     Mail to info@SafeCity.eu

Current tasks

  1. Quartermaster Learning Community AI for safety and Security At Avans University of Apllied Sciences;
  2. Chair of SKILSS;
  3. Working on cybersecurity on www.callfortrust.online;
  4. Coordinator Safety and Security Studios;
  5. Security advisor Port of Moerdijk;
  6. Cybersecurity advisor Cyber Resillient Breda;
  7. Director Public Safety Innovation BV;
  8. Innovation pioneer o.a.: WhiffCatcher;
  9. Expert/evaluator European EIC funding tenders;
  10. Expert/evaluator Kiem 2023;
  11. Expert/evaluator Eureka network;