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Co create

Continuous collaboration for safety

A moving society requires a fresh look at safety. We need each other for this, because changes create new security issues that must be met with joint ingenuity. We know that we cannot solve the questions alone, but working together is not easy. Because every organization has nestled itself for the ambition they pursue. It is important that we still come out of the comfort zone for the safety of our society.

kennis, expertise en creativiteit

Change together

Implementing changes and innovations in / with / between multiple organizations is quite a challenge, but it starts with respect for the interests of each participant. Including realizing and acknowledging everyone's added value and the way in which the other interprets the changes.

A difficult collaboration task is, for example, public-private partnership. Private parties usually reach a mutual agreement, as do the public parties because they broadly have the same mission. However, collaboration between public-private parties is much more difficult, usually because the importance of the core of the change is weighed and accepted differently. It requires a lot of communication and the organizations must invest in being aware of mutual interests and goals.

The accompanying drawing by Jan Otten shows how this should be handled;→

When we are ready and show respect for each other's mission and vision, you almost always end up in a shared vision and can be built in co-creation!


Connect with dissenters

"Innovation is doing business with discipline and perseverance working towards a clear objective. The most important action is to get out of your comfort zone, take the plunge and connect with people who think differently. When it storms, some build a shelter and others build a windmill. Work together in a triple-helix connection (a cooperation between Education, Government, and Business) and understand what the basis of one's judgment is, and the driving goals of the other. Collaboration starts with respect and knowing each other's goals, expressed in the drawing developed by Jan Otten on the right, →

A scientist finds the research important, the entrepreneur the solution and the money and the government wants a society without discord. When we are ready and show respect for each other's mission and vision, you almost always end up in a shared vision and can be built in co-creation! An application of this is the successful methodology of the Safety Workshop. See below the 10 steps of this method.

Triple-Helix: What is in it for me?

The methodology of the Safety & Security Atelier

step 1: understand step 2: choose question step 3: come together step 4: question articulation step 5: brainstorm possible solutions step 6: Conceptualization step 7: Make a proposal step 8: fieldlab step 9: prove step 10: profit

Knowledge sharing

Sharing information

Innovation challenges

Innovation topics
  • Innovation needs entrepreneurial power, It is an important part of your business;
  • Bring the outside world into you. You learn a lot from others. Formulate your business challenges;
  • Do not set up a separate innovation department, this is the death of innovation;
  • In this way of thinking, the "Safety Call of Tilburg" was created in 2013. See this movie: Safety Call of Tilburg;
  • The methodology: The Safety & Security Atelier.