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Innovate entrepreneurially

Safety constantly requires attention, relaxation can not happen. Criminals and terrorists are constantly looking for opportunities to strike and therefore we must constantly develop new methodologies and innovative methods that make them difficult.
Disaster scenarios can be prevented through proper control and management, as well as not based on unexamined assumptions. Safety requires entrepreneurial action in connection, co-creation, fresh looking at situations and continuous innovation.

There is a lot of knowledge about building safety and fighting insecurity. This knowledge is in people and documents, this has to be shared to achieve co-creative more effect. Continuously working in broadening business for more safety, continuously focusing and looking fresh at social and business challenges. Noting that many organizations are working on a project basis with great results, but that the connections between these organizations and projects have too little content. We need to concentrate on the connections with the projects to create added value.

Develop innovations with different colors


Innovation topics

Innovating is primarily an enterprising search for like-minded people, right stakeholders and money. Do not think that your idea is pure or unique, but seek the nuance and benefits that make your innovation better than other innovations. Describe the Unique Buying Reasons of your product. Write a business plan on 1 A4, for example with Canvanizer.com. There will be many people enthusiastic about your idea, but that does not give capital or sales. Know that you have to go through heavy weather (Valley of death) and that can only be overcome by perseverance and discipline. Use advisers, listen to them, but stay yourself, use only what is needed, and act as an evangelist.


Jan Otten

For many years working with the specialties: entrepreneurship, safety and innovation. In 2011 I sold my companies and started to develop new activities through Public Safety Innovation BV. As a result, I now work for a number of days a week as a strategic advisor and project leader at the Foundation DITSS (Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety & Security. Coordinate an EU funded project PASSAnT. Expert / Evaluator of the Horizon2020 EIC Accelerator (SME instrument) for the EU committee. Support various companies in entrepreneurial issues, give lectures, board member of several organizations for instance the Firefighters Without Borders Foundation.