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Involving others to solve your safety and security questions

Structure of the Safety & Security Atelier

The Safety & Security Atelier is a method for solving safety and security issues for which there is currently no clear solution on the shelf. Every year, safety issues are brought in by a number of clients in order to solve them using the method of the Safety & Security Atelier. For each issue, the client gives an amount for coordinating and organizing the studio and reserves an amount for a field lab, where a good solution can be tested. For a first meeting, various people from all walks of life are invited to study and explore the questions together. (The question articulation) This first session takes about two hours, which seems very long but is usually too short. After a few weeks, people come back together to brainstorm and explore possible working solutions. Then people, companies and knowledge institutions can submit proposals for setting up a field lab / pilot, in which the added value of the solution or research is proven. A jury assesses the submissions and indicates which proposals deserve an assignment. The field labs are supervised and co-created on an innovative solution to the security issue.

Using each other's knowledge, skills and experience

A security issue is a typical social challenge that affects everyone. Solving these issues requires commitment, knowledge, skills and experience. The past three years have shown that phased execution according to the Triple-Helix method of the safety workshop makes it possible to arrive at concrete and fast solutions. Come together with respect for everyone's knowledge and skills and work according to this 10-step plan. This makes it possible to create solutions to difficult issues

The Safety & Security Atelier leans on three pillars:

  1. Triple-Helix: Bringing together people in a triple-helix formation (Government, Education and Enterprise);
  2. Respect: Understanding that people have different specialty, visions and goals which they have developed from their own background and perspective;
  3. Motivation: Having the intrinsic will to solve issues "Safety and security is everyone's business".

Solve a safety and security problem in 10 steps with the method

step 1: understand step 2: choose question step 3: come together step 4: question articulation step 5: brainstorm possible solutions step 6: Conceptualization step 7: Make a proposal step 8: fieldlab step 9: prove step 10: profit

The results of the annual Safety & Security Ateliers

Solutions of Safety & Security Atelier 2016

Results Safety & Security Atelier 2016

  1. Question: In what way can NL-Alert come to citizens in the nightly hours?
    • Solution: "Project Smart Notification". A consortium is testing a smarter siren in a fieldlab in Eindhoven.
  2. Question: Other methods of detecting and locating hemp farms?
    • Solution: "The sound camera". A consortium goes in a fieldlab in Tilburg and Breda to help detect hemp nurses with a sound camera.
  3. Question: Hoe kunnen we zorgfraude tegengaan?
    • Solution: "Project Do not Care For Fraud". A consortium is in a fieldlab in central Brabant to identify the fraud and identify patterns.

Solutions of Safety & Security Atelier 2015

Results Safety & Security Atelier 2015

  1. Question: How can people safely longer living at home?
    • Solution: "Project Safety Customized". A consortium successfully completed a fieldlab in Etten-Leur. They are now installing the project in several municipalities.
  2. Question: How do you ensure that safety remains acceptable?
    • Solution: The jury received various entries but could not nominate a winner.
  3. Question: Fire prevention on non-average behavior?
    • Solution: The jury received various entries but could not nominate a winner.

Solutions of Safety & Security Atelier 2014

Results Safety & Security Atelier 2014

  1. Question: Understanding hazardous materials of business parks
    • Solution: "Project EASI". A consortium has successfully found a new way to provide real-time information to firefighters regarding hazardous substances in companies.
  2. Question: Prevent address fraud municipalities
    • Solution: "Project Addresses On Order". A consortium has made a nice solution in a fieldlab in Eindhoven, Tilburg and Breda, and reduced fraud significantly, several cities have now taken or are using this innovative solution.
  3. Question: More insight into drug trafficking
    • Solution: Two winners:The successful project "Operation Kitchen Table" and a project that did not succeed is the "Real Estate Safety Index".

Solutions of Safety & Security Atelier 2013

Results Safety & Security Atelier 2013

  1. Question: Reducing the false alarm fire brigade
    • Solution: "Project OMS Challenge". A consortium has shown that awareness through this project gives a drop of almost 40% in unnecessary alarms. Unfortunately, the Dutch fire brigades are too divided for further development.
  2. Question: Combating burglaries at industrial sites
    • Solution: "Project Social Business Parks" was a great success and has been pursued in various other forms of expression at home and abroad.
  3. Question: Doing more with all the cameras we have in the city
    • Solution: "Project Anomaly Detection". A consortium has identified an aggressive aggression in a fieldlab in Tilburg. The developments have been included in various nightlife projects.


Why a Safety & Security Atelier?

The method of the Safety&Security Atelier years has been very successful since 2013. The method is characterized in the first place by articulating the real question well so that others, experts in other fields, can see and feel what the real problem is. It is often very difficult to ask the question in such a way that it can be understood by a person who does not deal with this question on a daily basis. The clients would very much like to have the safety issue fully or partially solved because the available products or working methods do not offer an adequate solution. They give the organizer a financial commitment that they want to support a possibly good proposal to solve the issue and have it tested in a field lab (living lab or pilot). In this solution-oriented field lab, the contractor (the person with the best solution) must prove how and to what extent the proposed innovation will contribute to the solution of the safety issue.


In 2013, Mayor Peter Noordanus appealed to all companies and knowledge institutions in Tilburg; With all the experience, knowledge and skills in our environment, it should be possible to solve issues that concern us all. Tilburg is number 3 on the national crime score list of the Algemeen Dagblad. Let's bring together our many talents from the region and start building solutions for long stuck security issues. He asked Jan Otten to achieve this./ He developed the Safety & Security Atelier as a solution method for this with innovation subsidy from MidPoint Brabant. A solution-oriented method that links technological innovation with social innovation to deliver concrete results.