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Digital security

The virtual doorways are large

A moving society requires a fresh look at safety. We need each other for this, because changes create new security issues that must be met with joint ingenuity. We know that we cannot solve the questions alone, but working together is not easy. Because every organization has nestled itself for the ambition they pursue. It is important that we still come out of the comfort zone for the safety of our society. Think not only of cyber-attacks on the website as above, where the current cyber-attacks are mapped. Think also about privacy, in dependence on the information received and thus can be abused, to the complexity which we no longer know who / what / where. The internet highway has brought us a lot and gives many possibilities but the vulnerability of social and economic security is great.

we are connected

Secure your data environment

The real-time images below clearly indicate the need for this safety attention:

  1. In the image link below you can see in real time which cyber attacks are currently underway, where, by whom, with what and at whom,
  2. In the image link below you can see that data is stolen and misused every second.

Add to this that our world is connected by the "Internet of Things" (IoT), then the complexity of this digital security is very great. There is a great need for regulation in order to maintain confidence in all systems connected to the Internet. We humans navigate life through all these systems, so I advocate a broad, solid approach to internet security and also to curating information. The internet highway has given us a great deal and offers enormous opportunities, but the vulnerability to social and economic security is great.

Data lost or stolen since 2013

Cyber security

Online trustability

We very easily accept all kinds of inquiries on websites and apps. This makes it easier to browse and make more use of the functionalities. But you also sign that the supplier may use certain data from you and you do not know what exactly happens with it. In 2020, a study was started into the valuation of reliability, privacy and integrity of apps and IoT equipment. Appraisals can be provided through the CALLforTRUST website at:

  • Ethics - is data used correctly?
  • Functional - is the data only used to function?
  • Technological - are there any integrations with third party software systems?
  • Data processes - what processes will the data be used for?
  • Privacy - is it GDPR compliant?
  • Integrity - does the supplier have integrity?

The project has unfortunately ended, but a questionnaire has been developed that can help with further expansion.

online trustability


Knowledge sharing

Sharing information

Innovation challenges

Innovation topics
  • Increase the security at the internet highways;
  • Influence people's behavior, make them aware of the risks;
  • Define digital laws, standards and values internationally.