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Digital security

Secure your data environment

"A world without boundaries, rules, laws, norms and values".
Internet, wireless networks, cloud computing, big data, social media provide many new opportunities. This virtual world requires a lot of attention for security and safety. Think not only of cyber-attacks on the website as above, where the current cyber-attacks are mapped. Think also about privacy, in dependence on the information received and thus can be abused, to the complexity which we no longer know who / what / where. The internet highway has brought us a lot and gives many possibilities but the vulnerability of social and economic security is great. Everyone needs information in order to navigate correctly in life, I plead for a broad thorough approach to the security of the Internet and also for curating information. For the latter I made an appeal in 2012 on curating information for safety.

Real-time cyber attacks

Cyber security

Data lost or stolen since 2013

Cyber security

Knowledge sharing

Sharing information

Innovation challenges

Innovation topics
  • Increase the security at the internet highways;
  • Influence people's behavior, make them aware of the risks;
  • Define digital laws, standards and values internationally.