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Public Safety Innovation BV shares knowledge, thoughts and experiences to stimulate and facilitate innovations in safety.

Founded in 1994 as a holding company under which ICT companies were started, such as CompInfo, NMA Automatisering BV, Otten Computer Service BV, Respond BV and SafeCity BV. Offices in Germany, France and Belgium.
Various inventions in the field of crisis management and against insecurity have been developed with the subsidiary Respond BV, which has resulted from 2001 onwards to focus solely on the security sector. Operating company Respond BV was sold in 2011 and since then Public Safety Innovation BV has mainly been involved in supporting Governments, Education institutes and Enterprises in changing and innovating.

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Always open for a conversation for the sake of a safe and pleasant society.

Registration Chamber Of Commerce in The Netherlands: 17083196
Bank account number: NL21ABNA046778980

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