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Tackling insecurity

Mobilize against crime

There are many forms of crime from petty offenses to organized crimes. The specialists (police and judiciary) in the fight against insecurity are fighting an unequal battle because they are in the minority. Fighting insecurity has become defending, parrying and controlling insecurity attacks. That is why we must all stand back and actively keep our society safe.

crime fighting

Fighting crime

Apparently minor crimes cause the greatest annoyances and long-term frustrations. The specialists in the fight against insecurity conduct an unequal battle, they are in the minority. Defending safety has become the parrying and control of insecurity attacks. Unfortunately we realize this too little for me in 2012 forced to write an article: Police abolish or else commissioning. High Impact Crime frustrates society and needs to be tackled. But that is only possible if we convert the carefree anxiety into concern. Therefore we will have to mobilize the society for community safety.

chance to catch a thief

Burglar getting caught Swiss cheese model

Knowledge sharing

Sharing information

Innovation challenges

Innovation topics

There is much knowledge and skills that can be used in the fight against high impact crime because it affects everyone. To achieve this I have devised a successful methodology to bring knowledge and skills together to solve security issues. The website of The Safety & Security Atelier shows the solutions derived from this method. DITSS organizes every year The Safety & Security Atelier. To organize innovations, I have to behave as a brooker to draw connections with Triple-Helix partners for starting new projects.