Eliminating socially disruptive cells

Counter terrorism

Terrorism is a difficult to identify enemy of all societies. A world which does not fit into their ideology, encourages people to change the world. This can be achieved through political means, or move to a more suitable environment your ideology, or cause others to take your ideology on a gentle or malignant way. The latter we call terrorism, pressing your ideology on an anarchic way by using violence and disrupting society. Terrorists are often so convinced, that they see only one truth and are therefore difficult to influence by other ideologies. Terrorism is timeless. The attention of terrorism has grown the last years caused by international media and the worldwide penetration of internet. Disrupt society by spreading fear, by infiltrating communities by applying damage to the foundations of a state. This terrorism requires a different approach.

hybrid attacks

Knowledge sharing

Sharing information

Informationin the fight against insecurity:

Innovation topics

Innovation topics

Tracking down terrorist cells, preventing terrorist attacks are the challenges of each country. Important in the fight against terrorism is to detect anomalies (anomalies) of the normal pattern and quickly pass on security. For this purpose, continuous cooperation of each resident is needed. And the anomaly should be put through to any government, agency, company to warn them on time.

My experience

Jan Otten

In 2011 I invented the Quick Alert program to warn the government state security critical organizations and businesses as soon as possible with a threat. Put together a plan set up with different organizations from various countries online anonymously report criminal or terrorist behavior to Crime Stoppers International, The Anonymous Witness Box. Right now I'm looking for operational solutions for hybrid protection against terrorist attacks.