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Public Safety Innovation BV likes to share knowledge, thoughts and experiences to stimulate and facilitate innovations in safety. If you have a question or comment, just get in touch. You can use expertise, as an advisor, consultant or specialist in entrepreneurship, innovation and safety, invite to: a good inspiring conversation / innovative twists on security issues / sharply different thinking on ingrained patterns / project management, advice and program management / a lecture that will be discussed / chairmanship of seminars / holding up the mirror / help with difficult decisions in organizations / necessary experience and expertise.

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Innovation by Jan Otten

My experience

My career is characterized in entrepreneurship and innovation.

In 1989, after working as a teacher for 10 years, I started my first IT company. Founded various companies such as; SafeCity, Respond (now Everbridge), NMA-Ecom, NMA automatisering (now KNNS), OCSB, ESLAN automation, Compinfo with offices throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. With these companies I have worked with large and small customers in automation, incident- and crisis management and financial management. All this in many sectors; transport, safety, security, chemistry, energy, defense, justice.
Was the cradle of many inventions, which are now commonplace in the safety and security world.
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